I just want to tell you thank you! Ava LOVES coming to gymnastics at Victory. Please tell your staff how much we appreciate their positive and nurturing attitudes. Ava has told me on more than one occasion that she is learning so much because of the way the staff "show" her and she is allowed to ask questions. The overall environment in your gym is amazing because of all of you. Thank you!

Jen Kaiser

When we started looking for a Gymnastic Center for our youngest daughter (who has never been in gymnastics before) we knew that we wanted a Gym that would build her mind, body and Spirit. We found that here at Victory. Stephanie and Eric have been kind and caring. Since this is our first experience with gymnastics they have been open and honest and ready to answer any question no matter how small. They are great at making everyone in our family feel right at home. From day one we knew that Victory was different from the rest of the gyms in town. They stood out. They have passion and pride in what they are doing. They are truly kind and genuinely care about your child and your family. When Stephanie asks you questions about your family it's not to make conversation. It's because she, along with the people at Victory, TRULY CARE about you and your child! That is something we didn't see ANY where else.

The Coaches are Amazing!!! Sam, Stephen, Noah and the rest of the Coaches do a FANTASTIC job at keeping the kids engaged, but also keep it fun. This is what Coaches should do!!!. Well, ask about the coaches ages and watch them in action. You will be Amazed as I was!!!

If your child(ren) are interested in gymnastics stop by and talk with Stephanie or Eric. Take a look at their facility. IF you want to get your child started the CORRECT way in gymnastics then VICTORY is the Place to Be!!

Becky Clark

mom of a future Gymnast