Girls Competitive Team

Membership in our Competitive Team Program results when a child has completed a testing process and is invited to the team. Competitive team membership is for athletes who want more of the sport than can be achieved by participation in our Recreational Program. However, Team at Victory Gymnastics is a much more intensive program than the rest of our Recreational Programs that we offer.

Dedication, Desire, Courage, Respect, and a Strong Work Ethic are among the traits we look for when considering future team members. With an understanding of our basic philosophy, Victory Gymnastics Training Center’s Competitive Team Program will always be dedicated to producing State, Regional, and National caliber gymnasts. This does not mean, however, that every athlete earning a place on our Competitive Team must have a burning desire to someday be an Olympian. The staff and coaches at Victory Gymnastics will treat each athlete’s goals and aspirations individually. Not every athlete has a desire to train at an Elite pace, nor should they have to in order to be a valued member of our Competitive Team. But this is not to say that we will accept mediocrity in training.

We run a structured and disciplined team program, as it is our belief that gymnastics, at the team level, is far too dangerous and costly to have training considered just an opportunity for socializing. Our coaches will demand respect and a strong work ethic from each and every team athlete. We will enforce proper respect, attitude, and manners at all times. This should be something that our parents are aware of prior to committing to our team program. If the idea of enforcing or demanding proper behavior is an issue, then team at Victory Gymnastics is more than likely not the place for your child. However, in turn, ALL of our team athletes will be treated with respect and provided with positive guidance in order to help them reach their goals.

At Victory Gymnastics Training Center we understand the responsibility of being a role model for our athletes. The number of hours a week that we spend with our team athletes means that we will be contributors to their overall development. This is a responsibility that we DO NOT take lightly! We believe children are the future so, we are very grateful and honored when you entrust us to be a part of their lives.