Victory Fitness

Victory Fitness is for boys and girls or men and women of all ages. In this fitness program we will train with the proven strength and conditioning techniques used by gymnasts for years. Instead of using weights that can build heavy, bulky muscle that can restrict movement and speed, we will be using body weight and natural resistance to create strong and fast skill specific muscles. Gymnasts have to move through skills quickly, but at the same time move with strength and finesse. Every sport will benefit from this combination of movement. This class is perfect for athletes or anyone who wishes to enhance their current strength, conditioning and endurance regimens.

This fast paced one hour class will challenge the most advanced athletes. Whether you are a professional athlete or a non-athlete who wants to enhance strength and speed, you will benefit from these workouts. Pound for pound, gymnasts are among the strongest of all athletes. This class will help you gain that same kind of strength using proven techniques practiced by gymnasts for years.

No gymnastics experience is required for this class. We will just be teaching the strength and conditioning portions of a gymnast’s workout.

We will offer this one hour class in two age groups: 6 years to 12 years and 13 years and up. Class fees are $59.00/month for one time a week, or $99.00/month for twice a week.