- All parents/guardians with a child in the gym program must sign a Waiver/Release Form.
- Please bring your child to class on time. The stretch and warm up period is important to your child’s safety.
- Please have children remain in the waiting area until their class is called into the gymnastics area.
- Gymnasts are required to wear proper attire during class. Girls can wear leotards without skirting, or t-shirts and gym shorts. Boys wear t-shirts and shorts.
- Gymnasts are required to have their hair tied back and out of their face.
- No jewelry of any kind is to be worn during class. Stud earrings are permitted.
- No children or adults are permitted on any of the gymnastics equipment at any time without an instructor present.
- No food or drink of any kind in the gym area, including gum and candy.
- Only children attending class are permitted in the gym area.
- Appropriate space is provided in the coat room for articles of clothing, shoes, coats, bags, etc. during class. Victory Gymnastics Training Center is NOT responsible for lost or stolen property.
- Children must be kept under control in the waiting area at all times. No standing or climbing on chairs, benches, or any other furniture.
- Children must follow the instructions of their instructor for safety. Proper behavior is expected at all times. Failure to act appropriately may result in removal from class.
- Gymnasts are expected to be respectful, polite, and show good manners in the gym at ALL times!
- Improper behavior or language will NOT be tolerated!
- The foam in the pit is NOT to be torn into pieces.
- Parents should not coach from the sidelines. Your child will learn more from their instructor and get more out of class if you do not interfere.
- Please be on time when picking your child up from class. Students MUST remain inside the gym until their parents arrive.
- NO smoking anywhere on Victory Gymnastics Training Center premises!
- Children on medication which may affect their coordination should not be allowed to attend class.
- Children MUST be fever free for 24 hours before attending class.
- Parents must make their children aware of these rules of the gym and insist that their child follow the rules and their coach’s instruction.


Parents are requested to observe from the waiting areas only! We need your child’s undivided attention to help them progress with the speed and confidence we strive to see. PLEASE remain in the waiting area and refrain from distracting your child’s attention by waving, tapping on the window, or standing by the gym door. Absolutely NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY! It can be very dangerous and distracting to upper level gymnasts performing difficult skills. We appreciate your cooperation.